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Vivosmart 5 looks to be the next Garmin wearable

Look out for an imminent launch of the Garmin Vivosmart 5. The FCC confidentiality clause on the wearable runs out tomorrow so the wearable might, very well, drop by then.

Some had speculated the FCC filing mentioning a Garmin “Smart Band” was referring to a Whoop-type competitor. The document goes under the regulatory moniker FCC ID IPH-04352. Nothing could be deduced from the specs as Garmin is keeping most of the accompanying documentation under lock and key. Until 30th of March, that is, when the confidentiality clause on the FCC paperwork runs out. Of course, Garmin could postpone this date and this is always a realistic possibility.

So far no one could say with any certainty which device the FCC filing was referring to. Now it is clear that this will be the next version in the Vivosmart series, the Vivosmart 5.

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Garmin Vivosmart 4 | Image source: Garmin

How do we know you ask?

A clever chap on Reddit has spotted a listing on Singapore’s online telecoms licensing system (TLS) website which lists devices that have gone through local regulatory testing. And guess what, Vivosmart 5 is listed in the database. What’s more, the device code in the documentation is for a device with the code A04352, which makes it abundently clear this FCC filing is referring to the Vivosmart 5.

Here’s the all-important screenshot.

Garmin regulatory listing

We actually expected Vivosmart 5 to launch in 2021 before the holiday shopping period. However, Garmin released only a few products last year – probably due to the chip shortages, energy crisis in certain Asian countries and pandemic. 2021 was not a great year for wearable tech. This year has already seen a slew of new products and it is looking like the run will continue in the months ahead.

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As to possible features, it is anyone’s guess. Top of our list is an improved display, built-in GPS, SpO2 tracking, Garmin Pay and smartphone music control.

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